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How to Remove Spare Tire from Ford F150 without Key: The Best Way

Do you know how to remove spare tire from Ford f150 without key? Knowing how to remove one will give you a positive edge ahead of other car owners lacking this vital info.

If a lock key gets lost or has broken, it’s possible to remove a spare tire without using a key.

We have provided this masterpiece guideline to make it easy for you to remove the spare tire without a key.

Since we don’t know the actual time to use a spare tire, it’s crucial to learn how to remove one without using a key.

Emergencies can happen at any time and it is crucial to be devised with insights on how to remove a spare tire without a key.

If you are in possession of the right tools, it’s possible to uninstall a spare tire from Ford F150.

Unlocking this anti-theft system is super easy and takes a couple of minutes to accomplish.

How to Remove Spare Tire from Ford F150 without Key: 3 Easiest Steps

Removing a spare tire from Ford F150 without a key is one of the big issues most car owners face.

But there is no reason to be worried since it’s possible to remove a spare tire without a key. All that is needed is to have the right tools and expertise.

To start with, this process requires loosening or unlocking the lock without using a key. Even though you’ve lost the lock key, it’s possible to remove the spare tire.

We are going to look at four key stages that will help to make it easy for you and other car owners to have it easier when removing a spare tire.

Following this guide will make sure that all accessories in your car don’t get lost or are tampered with.

Also, you avoid damaging your car and thus save huge costs associated with repainting and repairs.

Here is the procedure for removing a spare tire from Ford F 14 without using a key:

Have All the Tools Ready

Tools are vital to have it easy to remove a spare tire from Ford F150. A must-have tool is the 14 mm socket.

14 mm socket is usually placed intact on the guide or extender with intention of having the socket onto the special lock.

As such, it’s crucial to ensure the extender you utilize is of the right length. Another important tool to have is the hammer. Don’t go for a big hammer or a special one.

Just look for one that can make light hits. Usually, this is a tool found in most home garages. A screwdriver and tube should also not miss for everything to work perfectly.

All these tools will make it possible for you to remove a spare tire from Ford F150. Most automotive spare parts shop outlets provide the tools making it easy for you to access them.

Ensure that you buy or borrow tools that are of high quality to avoid injuries as a result of breakages and flaws.

Step 1: Harnessing the Socket

To start, the 14 mm socket should have the right guide. Importantly, ensure the tire is locked.

Start by inserting the socket in the opening of the special socket. In most scenarios, the opening is situated near the back bumper.

Have you managed to insert the 14 mm socket of the opening? You require to use a hammer to fit it well.

Hitting the socket with a hammer helps to make the board close together with the special lock.

When you manage this process, you can conveniently remove the special lock. Remember, you don’t need to knock harder using a hammer.

Knocking extremely hard can damage components of the Ford F150, and that’s why it is recommended to use average force. Just make a strong bond for everything to work well.

Most car owners or drivers are used to making hard knocks, but when removing the spare tire, this is not necessary. Even for an 18-year old, this is achievable, and there is no reason to be perplexed.

Step 2: Spare Tire – How to Get It

By now, you should have uninstalled the special lock and opened it.

Removing this lock releases the tire, and next, you are supposed to use an extender of a car crank. All these tools are not hard to get, and if you lack one, you can borrow from a friend.

If you have ever done this process, you should be able to tell the right extender for you.

Lowering and raising the tire is not a cumbersome process and takes a few minutes to complete. You may lack the safety mechanism, but your spare tire is available.

Getting back on the road isn’t cumbersome, but before you can replace the punctured tire, you ought to first remove the 14 mm socket.

Step 3: Removing the 14 mm Socket

This step of how to remove the spare tire from Ford F150 without Key is quite crucial. On the special key is the attached 14 mm socket and it needs to be separated.

A good tool to use is a screwdriver with a flattened head. A screwdriver is tasked with offering leverage in between the two surfaces.

Separation of the two components is not hard and once you have managed to make the separation, you can do away with all tools.

As we have seen in the above guide, removing the spare tire is super easy.

Getting this life hack will make it easy for you to return on-road fast. Importantly, this procedure helps you avoid costs associated with hiring an expert mechanic.

Required Tools

When removing a spare tire from the F150, you need to be armed with the right tools to get the job done. Here are some important tools needed when removing a spare tire from the Ford 150.

A Hammer: A hammer is used to remove the special lock. Don’t hit too hard when uninstalling the components since you can damage the car or the anti-theft system.

14mm Socket: Used alongside the guide to make contact with the special lock attaching the spare tire.

A Crank: The crank is used to lift the car so that you can locate the spare tire. Also, it makes it possible to remove the spare tire from the truck.

A Screwdriver: The screwdriver offers leverage to the two contact joints. Without these tools, removing a spare tire without a key wouldn’t be possible. ‘

All of them are vital for a fast and easy spare tire removal process.

How to Remove Spare Tire from Ford F150 without Key: The Safest Way

Your safety and that of their tire is important and should be addressed to ensure there are no injuries.

As such, when removing the spare tire without a key, ensure that use quality and durable tools.

Avoid second-hand jacks since they can fail and end up hurting when you’re underneath a car. Also, not all Ford F150 is the same.

So in case you lose the special lock key, don’t be confident that its neighbor F150 lock key will work.

For that, it’s wise to order a new one that complements the lock. In case it gets into trouble or you have never removed a spare tire before, it’s wise to hire a professional mechanic for assistance.

Hiring one, though, will cost that money but is a worthy venture.

Your safety is core and if you don’t trust yourself, consult an expert mechanic.

Following all these cautions and tips will make it easy for you to remove a spare tire without using a key. Your life shouldn’t be hard at all.

FAQs about How to Remove Spare Tire from Ford F150 without Key

Removing F150 spare tire is not cumbersome, but not all times can be good. Sometimes you are faced with removal issues that make it hard to remove a spare tire.

FAQ section helps to provide answers to some common problems that affect the removal of a spare tire.

Common most asked online questions concerning removal of F150 spare tire include:

Q: What work does a screwdriver do?

Ans: A screwdriver’s main work is to turn round screws in case you are harnessing them to bind or unscrewing them open.

When being used to remove a spare tire, a screwdriver is used to provide additional leverage.

Q: What are ways of ensuring my spare wheel won’t be stolen?

Ans: Cars accessories are expensive, and thieves will try to steal unsecured accessories to make something out of it.

To secure a spare tire, a special lock is used to lock the tire with a chain. By doing so, drivers and car owners protect tires from theft.

Q: What is the process of uninstalling a car spare tire?

Ans: First, you need to be armed with all the necessary tools to remove the spare tool of the car.

Before embarking to remove, think of whether it’s important to have a special key. Also, ensure that you have a crank to raise and lower the tire conveniently.

Q: How can I lower a car spare tire?

Ans: First, you need to notice the location of the mechanism before lowering the spare tire. Most trucks come with a special lock.

A standard-sized crank is best and starts by turning either in a clockwise direction or counter-clockwise direction. If a standard extender lacks, it can use a special key.

Q: What is the tool used to lower the spare tire?

Ans: With all the necessary tools, it’s super easy to lower a spare car tire.

Today’s automotive market has a variety of these tools, making it easier for drivers and car owners to get the right fit. For example, the F150 should be lowered using a 14 mm socket.

Q: What is the right place to jack up Ford F150?

Ans: To place a jack correctly, locate the differential area in the back of the car.

Place your jack on the frame rail and lower the axle consequently. Reaching the bottom of the jack suspension will be achieved effectively.

Q: What tools are required to remove a tire?

Ans: To remove a punctured tire from a truck you will be required to utilize these tools:

  • Spare tire.
  • A bottle jack.
  • A lug wrench has a pry bar and socket on each side.

Q: In case of a road puncture at night, what is the best thing to do?

Ans: On the highway, there are emergency service providers and they offer 24/7 automotive service.

Also, you can request a traveler passing for assistance fixing the flawed car tire.


You have now seen how to remove spare tire from Ford f150 without key easy and fast it is to articulate this super easy task.

A true hack Earlier on, that might have wondered if it’s possible to uninstall a spare car tire when a key is lacking.

We hope right now you are a level high and know how to remove one. Following all insights detailed in this guideline will make it easy and fast to remove a spare tire.

Getting back on the road after they’ve had a tire puncture is simply fast. All info detailed in this post is correct and factual.

Remarkably, by following these insights, it avoids hiring a professional mechanic, thus saving costs.

Ford F150, like any other car, can flaw anytime. Thus, it’s crucial to know how to unlock this anti-theft system.

Emergencies are unpredictable and these key insights on removing a spare tire from the Ford F150 will return your normal life back and soonest.

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