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Common Ford 6.0 EGR Delete Kit Problems: Top 05 Issues with Solution Tips

Are you confused about changing or repairing your vehicle diesel engine? Or, instead, how to handle your Ford 6.0 EGR Delete kit problems?

However, One way to solving a problem is simply by finding a solution to it; it could be by complete removal to reinstall or instead of looking out for proper management.

There is never a gadget without its lows, and the Ford 6.0 diesel engine is one of them.

So instead of reinstalling a new one over and over, proper management would rather be a better option. This should be done by modifying the diesel engine and at this upgrading.

However, its functions and hence reducing clogging or soot in its exhaust pipe, reduce combustion.

As well,  this impedes acceleration of the vehicle and with these am sure no one would want to toy with any malfunction of the diesel engine of their vehicle.

05 Ford 6.0 EGR Delete Kit Problems

Ford 6.0 EGR delete is an adequate pack of accessories which sorts out most problems of the diesel engine, it sure has the lapses, and its advantages on your engine and these will help 

checkmate the effect of the 6.0 Powerstroke EGR valve delete and to be sure of the steps to take, if it right or wrong, and also see the impact it will offer to your engine and they are;

1. Increased Temperature of the Exhaust Gases

The exhaust gas recirculation works jointly with an EGR system, specifically the EGR coolant.

Since the system consists of the EGR valve and the EGR cooler that helps to cool the exhaust gas(nitric oxide) before sending it back to the engine.

And this sends in a more excellent exhaust gas back to the diesel engine hence a more flexible exhaust system But since the EGR delete kit helps to disassemble the coolant and valve.

However, if the EGR delete kit is blocking the more incredible, the exhaust gas becomes hotter, if not very hot for the diesel engine.

Therefore, sending in recirculated gas to the engine might affect the engine cooling system.

2. Release of Nitrogen Oxide

Another Ford 6.0 EGR delete kit problem is the release of nitrogen oxide. 

The EGR system tends to reduce the accumulation of nitrogen oxides that clog on gas fumes which act as pollutants. Especially to vehicles that run on roads close to residential areas.

This system does so by recirculating exhaust gases, hence reducing the combustion temperature and giving off cooler air; if the EGR valve deletes kit blocks this system’s function, nitrogen oxide forms, and clots, and decreases combustion.

Anyways, if the engine is functioning well, then there is nothing to bother about.

3. Emission Rules and Regulation

 The EGR delete installation on a 6.0L power stroke engine may be illicit in the local environment where you reside.

Government laws in these states do not allow its installation; the 6.0 Powerstroke EGR delete or the EGR delete for any other engine.

In this case, Vehicles are supposed to meet up the criteria or even go beyond the existing emission criteria set up by the state.

As a motorist, if the authority inspects your ford vehicle and finds out that the EGR delete kit is there, you will be fined for alteration of the law, and this act will take some good money to the cleared.

This rule is because it being illegal is because the exhaust gas is no more being filtered, hence particulate acting as pollutants.

Therefore, the exhaust gases released from vehicles ore, even when you receive more combustion and more acceleration. Unless you don’t intend to ply residential routes.

4. EGR delete won’t provide solutions to all the performance problems of this engine, 6.0L power stroke 

If the EGR valve is held permanently open because of the way dirt particulate accumulated in the cooler of the EGR system, then the EGR delete kit will not fix the problems.

When the system is left open like that, one will observe that the engine begins struggling while trying to start it, and when it is not engaged while it is idle as well.

Once your engine performs at a relatively low speed or when it comes to a stop, then a 6.0 Powerstroke EGR delete kit can not fix the problem.

5. It may lead to knocking your Ford 6.0 Power Stroke engine

The EGR delete kit is avoidable for displaying the check engine light on your automobile head-up display, commonly called the HUD in the dashboard.

Whacking of the engine upon completion of the modification is to be expected as well. This reaction occurs because the temperature profile of the vehicle under the dirt is experiencing change.

The problem increases the more if you are equally using cheap oil on your engine, then the engine’s health can start to impair instantly.

Several vehicle owners have also encountered a deduction in the general length of time their vehicle engine should have lasted due to this installation.

When we start to look out for the Dos and Don’t of an EGR delete for a 6.0L Power Stroke engine, it becomes vital to consider the price of the valve being considered—replacing the EGR valve and introducing the delete kit cost nearly the same price.

Hence its disadvantage is its affordability. Sometimes, there are circumstances where this alternative is valid based on the way you drive and your locality; however, it is not the only remedy that is if often publicized; hence it’s seen on an infrequent occasion.

What is Ford 6.0 EGR Delete Kit

Ford 6.0 EGR delete kit, as its name implies, is an assembly of parts that mechanics use to dismantle the EGR system of diesel engine vehicles.

EGR means (exhaust gas recirculation), which is used for ford vehicle diesel.

This kit is called by most people the 6.0 Powerstroke EGR valve delete kit because it helps it bypass the valve and direct away from the gas (nitric oxide) from the exhaust pipe away from the engine.

Moreover, the kit is introduced between the exhaust and engine intake hence, deterring exhaust gases from going into the engine.

The EGR delete kit components depend on engine type, but generally, the kit contains pipe assembly, O-rings, clamps, block-off plates, gaskets, bolts, and plugs, and these parts are made from steel or aluminum, depending.

Top 10 Ford 6.0 EGR Delete Benefits

In as much as the ford 6.0 EGR delete kit has its cons, It sure has its pros. Ford 6.0 EGR delete benefits include

  1. Specificity; that is, it plays product monotony. The EGR delete is specifically for the Ford 6.0L power stroke engine
  2. Ford 6.0 vehicles better mileage after EGR delete the installation 
  3. It can still be in use even when it has mods on your power stroke engine.
  4. The delete kit shows a noticeable decrease in the temperature, hence giving off cooler air.
  5. One important Ford 6.0 EGR delete benefit is that it reduces or impede the risk of untimely engine damage from EGR system failure
  6. Extends the life span of the EGR cooler. This is because of the 1200 degree exhaust gas passing through it.
  7. It keeps its fuel intake like it originally was, thereby economizing fuel usage.
  8. It does not expose the vehicle to unintended maintenance hence keeping it in check.
  9. The EGR delete helps delete the system, increasing more air, combustion, and improved throttle response.
  10. It reduces maintenance costs.

FAQs Regarding Ford 6.0 EGR Delete Kit Problems

How can you tell if EGR delete has been done?

One can tell that the EGR delete has being done by, check, or by looking under the intake manifold at the side where the passenger sits.

If you see a metal tube-shaped “J”, protruding from the bottom of the intake manifold, it means that the EGR cooler has been taken out, and it moves forward trotting to the cover of the oil cooler beneath the turbo.

How do I know if my 6.0 diesel EGR valve is bad?

If your EGR valve is wrong, it comes up showing these signs, which are;

  • An increased fuel consumption.
  • Low vehicle performance.
  • Fuel tank leakage.
  • Knocking noises from the engine.
  • Engine management light stays on, etc 

So if you begin to notice these signs in your vehicle, check your EGR valve.

How can you tell that if a 6.0 is bulletproofed?


To bulletproof is to change some mechanical parts of your vehicle and interchange them to a more complex, more substantial, and well-improvised part; some parts are; head studs, EGR cooler, STC fittings, standpipes dummy plugs, oil coolers, blue spring, etc.

For instance, the EGR cooler is bulletproofed when the idea to remove the delicate heater core style cooler gut, and it’s being replaced with a welded stainless steel tube. 

Head studs; This is the most expensive and most extensive though a standard upgrade.

Its bulletproofing involves replacing the softer factory head bolt with a more complex, more vigorous stud with a but and a washer on the top. The engine gets when it’s done, and gaskets from ford are the best catch. 

Is EGR delete worth doing?

Yes it is

  • An EGR delete is what doing because it tends to improve your vehicle fuel efficiency.
  • Helps to reduce the risk of diesel particulate clogging via filter failure.
  • When using the EGR delete, you will notice an almost 20% increase in fuel economy and, like this, preserve your engine life span.

Does EGR delete the damaged engine?

EGR delete does not damage the engine; the EGR system helps remove the risk of engine damage.

Hence its horse Bn use helps to redirect exhaust gases away from the engine, in other words, keeping the engine in good health.

Note that installing the EGR delete on your vehicle should be done on only vehicles meant for off-road use only since removing the EGR cooler is legal and cannot be used on vehicles that ply route residential areas.

Does removing EGR increase power?

This is one of the pros of EGR delete; hence it does increase power.

Is an EGR delete illegal?

The EGR delete is not street legal; hence it’s illegal. This is because all vehicles are supposed to meet every federal emission standard on every vehicle exhaust gas emission to the air.

So once altered by a motorist, the individual will be penalized. The EGR will not be removed unless it causes the vehicle to emit worrisome gas.

Can I drive with a bad EGR valve?

A bad EGR valve can cause problems with the general flow of and operation of the EGR system and at this reduces the flow power, 

cause deceleration, and also a decreased fuel efficiency leading to increased vehicle emission, which is explicitly caused below oxygen leading to decreased combustion in the combustion chamber.

If all these are the lows caused by a bad EGR valve, would you want to drive?

What are the pros and cons of EGR delete?


  • The kit can be installed easily.
  • It improves fuel efficiency.
  • Increases its horsepower.
  • Lowers engine temperature.
  • It works on modified diesel, and it’s affordable. 


  • Reduces overall horsepower.
  • It can cause engine knock due to high heat, inadequate combustion, soot, and running on cheap engine oil.
  • Can be costly, so it should be well thought about before taking such steps.
  • It’s not street legal; hence it can’t be used in residential areas due to the combustive flaws that it tends to emit high exhaust gas to the environment. So if being detected by federal government officials in some states, an individual can be penalized and be sorted out with some money.
  • Increases exhaust gas temperature
  • Prevents leaving the EGR system permanently open 

Is it better to clean or replace EGR Valve

Cleaning your EGR valve at intervals keeps it healthy, so if it’s functioning okay, you won’t need to replace it by cleaning.

Above all, periodic cleaning or checkups to your EGR valve is advised, and this will prevent engine damage, unnecessary repairs, and intended spending.

Wrap it Up

Finally, the primary problem with the EGR system is its combustibles; hence it negatively engine’s potential performance and efficiency.

The primary with a delete engine is low combustion s for every quantity of exhaust gas reintroduced.

There is a release of an equal amount of combustible oxygen. Hence, the ford 6power stroke engine is a diesel engine.

Since the exhaust gas in the exhaust chamber cannot be converted to usable energy through their soot forms.

So the introduction of the ford 6.0 EGR delete has aided in alleviating this problem it has its pros and cons.

Still, we can say that ford 6.0 EGR delete kit problems are nothing compared to its positive sides. Anyways there is no mechanical gadget without its odds.

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